Mirroring many of our personal lives, OHGI, has gone through a maturation process of aligning our passions with our purpose as we travel along the journey to maximizing potential. OHGI, at the core, has always had the same foundational principles and values:


Foundational principles

  • Never get out-worked.
  • Never be out-prepared.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity aligned with your purpose.
  • Never turn down smoke, COMPETE.


Foundational values

  • I control my destiny.
  • I can accomplish anything.
  • I'm here to make an impact.


As our responsibility to our community has grown, we've leaned heavier into the very same principles and values in which OHGI was birthed.


Our purpose is to inspire and equip our OHGI community with the tools and skills necessary to attack the world and win in every aspect of life. The OHGI platform will focus on various areas that are critical to personal and professional development; career building, accountability, fitness, nutrition, and more. Our holistic approach will give our community the support needed to become the very best version of ourselves and to live in purposeful abundance.


We look forward to taking the journey with you!