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what we provide...

Professional Development

Learn how to add more value in your professional life, and how to package and present that value to be properly recognized and compensated as you climb the ranks and get to a bigger bag!


OHGI is a community of individuals with positive energy and intentional purpose, that feed off each other to maximize our potential in every area of our lives, while inspiring the masses. We aint for everybody!

Health & Wellness

Allow our coaches to accompany you on your lifelong journey to reach optimal health and wellness so you can become the very best version of yourself.


Like the old saying goes, look good, feel good, play good... So let's win!

Our Focuses

  • Entrepreneurship

    Learn from the experiences of experts in various entrepreneurial endeavors of how to apply your time, effort, and energy in the most efficient and productive way to start, run, and possibly sell a business.
  • Personal Business/Finance

    Let's learn how to budget and make our money work for us, rather than us just working for money! We will explore different opportunities and strategies to put ourselves in the best possible financial position.
  • Creative Spaces

    Creators/inventors are some of our most valuable individuals. Creativity is needed to solve problems efficiently and to influence the masses. Creativity turns answers into practical solutions.
  • Fitness

    Let's get to work and challenge our bodies to reach our fullest capabilities. Fitness is an area that will help in EVERY area of your lives, but let's be real, s big. part of it is looking our best. There is no better canvas than our bodies, so let's get to work on this masterpiece.
  • Mindfulness

    Explore how to gain more control of your mind to increase your presence, emotional intelligence, and overall perspective as you travel through the ups and downs of Life.
  • Social / Relationships

    Build and establish relationships that align with the goals you're looking to achieve, and the life you're looking to live!

exclusive community

Allow us to once again clarify "OHGI is not for everybody!" OHGI is for the Go-Getters whose goals intimidate their friends and family. The individuals that are willing to sacrifice, lock in, and achieve another level. We have an application process to ensure that our community's values, principles and integrity will not be compromised. You do not have to consider yourself "great" now, but it's a requirement that you are open to allowing us to help you bring that greatness and inherent nobility to the forefront of your being.  
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